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Katzebase is an ACID compliant document-based database written in C# using .NET 8 that runs on Windows or Linux. By default it runs as a service but the libraries can also be embedded. It supports what you'd expect from a typical relational-database-management-system except the "rows" are stored as sets of key-value pairs (called documents) and the schema is not fixed. The engine allows access via APIs, a SQL syntax, or by using the Mmanagement UI (which just calls the APIs).

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Get Katzebase merge
To get the latest version of the Katzebase database server, management UI and Migration Tools check out the releases over at GitHub:

Looking for Client Connectivity? electric-plug
Grab the nuget package for your project over at
Or, maybe you are just looking for the client source code?

Need some sample data to work with? bookmark
You can grab the sample database. This is a compressed archive containing a word list and various relationsips between the words and languages.

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